The Lost Library

"Sometimes magic calls to us. Other times, it simply leaves the door open."

Sidney Everly is always waiting for it to happen. She’s not sure what it is, but the anticipation has left her uneasy. Her small hometown of Kent is under water, both of her parents are gone, and the baby she and her husband hope for is out of reach. When all of Kent’s words disappear—the ink running from its pages like water on glass—and an unknown infant is delivered to her doorstep, Sidney will be forced to choose between the stories she loves and a child she didn’t expect.

Exploring themes of adoption, loss, and what it means to be family, The Lost Library is the tale of two worlds coming together to erase the Void that exists between them.

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About the Author


Steph Whitacre

Steph is a writer, editor, and word nerd who specializes in helping brilliant people zero in on ideas and share their stories. Steph is the co-author of The Volunteer Project: Stop Recruiting. Start Retaining.—a work that draws from her background in family and student ministries. The Lost Library is her first fiction novel.

Steph lives in Atlanta with her husband, Tim, and their son, Landon. When she isn’t reading, writing, or editing words, she can be found running, planning adventures with friends, and drinking coffee.

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